Re: Klunky X

Subject: Re: Klunky X
From: Scott Piccotti (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 16:01:53 MDT

> Anyone else have an ugly desktop or is it just me?

As far as I know, Linux today doesn't have any GUI niceties like
anti-aliased text (or really nice widgets). In MacOS, this is based on Adobe
TypeManager. I can just barely tolerate working in Gnome/KDE as is comes on
the YDL CD. Often I find it preferable to just work from the shell. It's
ugly. And I don't know of any way around it. The linux box I use, I
generally run headless anyway.

The linux community in general seems so fixated on bare-metal functionality
that they tend to consider GUI a waste of resources or a fun side project.In
a way, they're right. Tell me how any open-source GUI (unless guided by
brilliant desiger/engineers) will ever compete with Aqua.

This is why I'm looking forward to OS X. UNIX-type flexibility and power
(mach kernel) with suberb interface design. Let's face it, folks, the GUI is
what 99% of users will spend 99% of their time looking at. Now: how much
development effort does that deserve?

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