Error on console... any clues?

Subject: Error on console... any clues?
From: chuck goolsbee (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 19:48:08 MDT

I went to check on my Apple Network Server this evening and the
console was being spammed with the error message:
"dst cache overflow"

I poked about in some of the /var/log files but couldn't find any
other reference to 'dst'. The machine is running a really bare bones
config... just a webserver really.

It's running YDL 1.1

Could someone apply a cluestick my way as to what process is complaining,
...and why?

The last time I rebooted this machine was months ago. I checked the
process table, no mention of 'dst'...

I've been poking around everywhere for something that looks tastes or
smells like 'dst' with no luck.

While this isn't a showstopper, I'll gladly trade a beer for a clue here folks.
--chuck goolsbee
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