Re: Linux on H70 ?

Subject: Re: Linux on H70 ?
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 06:00:21 MDT

Patrick Berge wrote:
> wrote:
> > SMP is an interesting animal. I have a 2 way POWER3 box in my office and that
> Opps sorry ... By SP I meant the Service Processor that comes with the S70,S70A,S80?
> I heard SMP on Linux was pretty bad and the kernel developers are hard working on it.


  As far as Service Processor Issues, it's hard to say, I personally haven't see
any. As long as Open Firmware starts things up and hands it off to Linux at boot
time then there shouldn't be really much of any issue. The 260 for instance has
an SP in it... hasn't given me any troubles yet.


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