Re: Unable to retrieve email from YD 1.2 Using Eudora

Subject: Re: Unable to retrieve email from YD 1.2 Using Eudora
From: Herb (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 10:44:20 MDT

Hello Bill,

     I'm not sure I can really help but I'll give it a shot. I recently set up a
few email servers that seem to work fine on 1.1 and 1.2. You installed the
'imap-4.5-3.ppc.rpm' package right? (Just curious which one was installed) You
need to install it for POP functionality.

Bill Colston wrote:

> I installed Yellowdog linux 1.2 and most everything seems to work
> great except that I can not connect to the server to retrieve email.
> Once again it was a very easy install. My continued and undying
> thanks to Dan and everyone for making it so easy.
> I am using Eudora 4.3.1. When I try to connect to retrieve email I
> get the following error message:
> Server not responding
> 706
> Lost connection to the server
> (37:1171)

You're sure you have the POP/SMTP/email configured properly? Perhaps check
/etc/HOSTNAME and see if you left out the domain in your hostname.

The Server not responding error isn't the one you get if relaying is denied. If
it were, you get an "Relaying not permitted on this server" type of error. It
just sounds like Eudora isn't resolving the POP server's name properly.

> I can send email among different accounts on the server if I telnet
> in and use pine.
> I can receive email from others but have to telnet in and use pine to read it.
> I can send email out to people who have accounts on other servers.
> I checked /var/log/maillog but it doesn't seem to even register an
> attempt to download email when I try to connect with Eudora.

Well, sounds as though your email works fine. I'm not familiar with PINE since
it was "before my day" (^o^)
But, since you telnet in, you're not using POP are you? That could mean that you
don't have the imap package installed?

> I added the IP number ranges to etc/mail/access to allow relaying.
> I've done everything I did when I was using YD 1.1 but still no luck.
> I need to be able to use Eudora as that is what the people who will
> have accounts on the server will be using. I don't want them using
> telnet and pine.
> Any assistance would be most appreciated.
> Bill Colston
> Canada

PS : Where is school district 23? Didn't know we were using YDL around here :)

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