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Subject: Re: G4 as a server
From: Paulo Almas (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 06:15:28 MDT

Hi there ,

    I use two G4 here using YDL 1.1 it works fine, but I had some problems
to make it work , but then itīs ok ... I have apache running mod_php3,
mod_ssl and shtml , an sendmail server, pop server , ftp server , WAP server
and even an mysql server, Iīve tried an Oracle version but there isnīt one,
all alike a RedHat server, the only drawback Iīve found is that any software
you want, you will need the source for compile into your machine ...
    To make it boot, I use BootX version 1.2b3 that can be found at Benīs
Page and the trouble part is the kernel ,
the ONLY one that work was Benīs 2.2.15pre3 anyone else didnīt worked ...
any other doubts , if you do not care about my pour english , please ask ...

Paulo Almas
FarolDigital New-Business
Tel.:(62) 286 5120 - Cel.:(62) 9986 1833
Goiania - Goias - Brazil

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Subject: G4 as a server

> Hello,
> I have quite some experience with linux on intel, but have only recently
> started using linux on a mac (it works perfectly on my iBook, though I
> was surprised that intel and ppc linux were so different (X config,
> bootloader)). For one of my customers I want to install yellowdoglinux
> on a G4. It has to do some standard things, webserver (php/mysql),
> fileserver, printserver, etc. Nothing really special, about 10
> workstations.
> My question is if I can expect any problems with the G4, if people on
> this list have any experiences with running YDL Champion Server 1.2. on
> a G4 in a business environment, I would like to hear their experiences.
> Thanks in advance for your feedback.
> Best regards,
> Helena van den Akker

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