Re: G4-400mHz PowerBook install problems.

Subject: Re: G4-400mHz PowerBook install problems.
From: Michael R Hanulec (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 09:14:06 MST

just as a follow up.. I left out a few parts of my installation. before I
attempted installing YDL I also installed a Core Mac OS 9.1 installation
on the 100mb HFS partition which I was planning to have yaboot installed
in (but currently don't have).

also.. when I booted off of the YDL screen, a white screen flashed for a
split second before the black screen. this white screen said "Calling
quiesce" in the top left hand corner.

i'm still unable to get the installation running. anyone have any

mike hanulec
aol aim: hanulec				    EFnet irc: hanulec

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Michael R Hanulec wrote:

> Hello.. > > This evening I attempted to install Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server > release 1.2.1. I went about partitioning my systems as follows (w/ Mac OS > 9.1's Drive Setup, version 2.0.3) > > 1. 2G HFS+ partition for Mac OS X > 2. 2G HFS partition (I was going to use for Mac OS X.. i wanna see what > its like.. but don't worry i love linux ;) > 3. 100MB HFS partition which i wanted to use for yaboot > 4. 2G AIX/Root (ext2) partition for linux > 5. 128mb AIX/Swap (swap) partition for linux > 6. 2G HFS partitions for file sharing and later partition mapping > 7. 2G HFS partitions " > > I completed my install of Mac OS 9.1 on the HFS+ partition. After that I > inserted my YDL cd and rebooted while holding down the 'c' key. Upon boot > a black screen appeared showing the following: > > <cut> > Welcome to Linux, kernel 2.2.17-0.6.1 > > started at : 0x01000000 > linked at : 0xc0000000 > frame buffer at : 0xa6008000 (phys), 0xa6008000 (log) > MSR : 0x00003030 > MID0 : 0x8014c0a4 > > booting ... > </cut> > > I then sat and waited... and nothing happened, not a sound was made. I'm > wondering what I did wrong? Must I install yaboot into a HFS partition > first? Or is my current partitioning schema possibly causing my problem? > > If anyone has some insight on what might be wrong I would appreciated some > feedback. Btw.. this is the first time I'm attempting to install > PPC/Linux w/ this cd.. hopefully I don't have a dud.. and unfortunately I > can't test the cd until Monday @ work. > > -- > mike hanulec > > aol im: hanulec EFnet irc: hanulec > >

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