Re: G4-400mHz PowerBook install problems.

Subject: Re: G4-400mHz PowerBook install problems.
From: Michael R Hanulec (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 09:39:37 MST

i just changed my append line to look like that but again no luck. i then
made another changed to my yaboot.conf file, i specified the hd partition
number 9, since i have yaboot and all of the other associated files living
on the first hfs partition on this machine but this didn't help me run the
installer either. i was hoping that by changing the partition number i
would no longer see the 'wrong partition 1 signature' error but that
didn't go away either.


On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Paul J. Lucas wrote:

> On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Michael R Hanulec wrote:
> > i just updated my yaboot.conf file and removed an extra append line that i
> > had but this still didn't help. i tried performing both 'append="video
> > atyfb video=ofonly"' and 'append="video=ofonly"' but neither worked.
> It /should/ be:
> append="video=atyfb:vmode:14,cmode:32"
> Sorry, but I can't help with the rest of the mail.
> - Paul

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