Using Sendmail for remote mail from LAN

Subject: Using Sendmail for remote mail from LAN
From: Randall Perry (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 21:25:10 MST

I'm just starting to learn Sendmail, but need to get something working ASAP.
If anyone can help with this issue, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm running YDL with 2.2.18-8a on a 7200. It's serving as FTP and Web
server. It's behind a hardware firewall (Macsense router). Sending outgoing
mail from the server works. Sending local mail to the server from another
machine on the LAN works. But trying to send outgoing mail from a LAN
machine doesn't. I get a 'relay not allowed' message (not the exact words).

Do I have to open up the incoming SMTP port for this to work properly? Or is
there some sendmail configuring that needs doing?

At the moment, the only thing I want to do is use the server for outgoing
SMTP mail from the LAN machines.

Randy Perry

Mac Consulting/Sales

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