Re: Netatalk Question

Subject: Re: Netatalk Question
From: Bryn Hughes (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 13:46:53 MST

You need to add
alias net-pf-5
to your conf.modules (or modules.conf, whichever is relevant for your kernel)

This is assuming that you have AppleTalk compiled as a module... this
seems to be the case if you are using the stock YDL kernel/modules.


>Hi all,
>I have just installed YDL CS1.2 on my PowerMac 8500. Installed netatalk
>that came with this distribution. From my other Macs on the network I am
>not able to see the server in the chooser. I am able to logon to the server
>by placing its IP address into the "logon to server address button". Any
>suggestions on hoe I can get this server to show up in the chooser of my
>other Macs. I have the same version of Netatalk running on a RedHat 5.2
>Intel box, and it works fine!

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