Re: Install problems on Ti Powerbook g4

Subject: Re: Install problems on Ti Powerbook g4
From: William K. Gibson (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 09:22:30 MST

on 3/6/01 4:13 PM, William K. Gibson at wrote:

> Hey, just got a new Titanium Powerbook G4 (yay) but I cannot get YDL to
> install on it. I decided to try it via ftp so I'm not using the CDs. I'm
> using yaboot from a partition and I think I have the latest ramdisk.image.gz
> and vmlinux files (March of 2000?) gathered from the yellowdog ftp site.

Ok, figured out the problem. I'm using the wrong vmlinux file. I needed to
use the one from July 2000 instead of March 2000. The particular file was in
the updates folder on the ftp server. Might I suggest that the vmlinux file
in the install folder be replaced with the new one to avoid confusion to

--William K. Gibson
1stDesk Systems

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