I know this has been asked, but I STILL can't get YDL to work on my powerbook

Subject: I know this has been asked, but I STILL can't get YDL to work on my powerbook
From: Timothy Morgenthaler (tamorgen@aol.net)
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 12:52:22 MST

I have a a Powerbook G3 500 that I've been trying to install Yellow Dog
1.2.1 on and off since November. I've been reading the support information,
but nothing I do seems to work right. My hard drive is set up as follows:

4.5 gb HFS MacOS 9.1 - hda9
4.5 gb HFS+ MacOS X - hda10
2.0 gb Yellow dog root - hda11
128 mb swap - hda12

I've only added OS X to the equation recently, but other than that
everything else has been the same and per the instructions. I have yaboot,
yaboot.conf, bootscript, and vmlinux in the system folder on my MacOS 9.1
partition. I've edited yaboot.conf to have the default as linux, and I've
tried editing the first entry in three different ways, each altering the
image slightly as per examples I've seen on either this list, or other

image = hd:,\\\\vmlinux
    label = linux
    root = /dev/hda11/


image = hd:9,\\vmliux
    label = linux
    root = /dev/hda11/

image = hd:9,vmliux
    label = linux
    root = /dev/hda11/

When I go into open firmware, I can't get the firmware to find any of the
files to save my soul. Here are some of my results:

0> setenv boot-device hd:,\\bootscript ok
0> boot can't OPEN: hd:,\\bootscript

0> setenv boot-device hd:9,\\bootscript ok
0> boot can't OPEN: hd:9,\\bootscript

0> setenv boot-device hd:,bootscript ok
0> boot can't OPEN: hd:,bootscript

What exactly do I need to do to boot Yellow dog? I'm following the
directions, but I just cant' get Yellow dog to work. Any ideas? Thanks.

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