Re: YD 1.2 and mysql

Subject: Re: YD 1.2 and mysql
From: Charles Eggers (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 12:45:54 MST

>what I wanna do is to have my RS6000 running YD 1.2 with apache server
>plus mod_php3 and another host as a database server only with Mysql.
>From my web server I'll query through php3 my database server. So to get
>it working I need a php3 module that was compiled with Mysql libraries,
>and the module I got from YD wasn't compiled with. I put a little script
>named teste.php3 at my web server with <?phpinfo();?> and I got the
>when I run it:
>Configure command: ./configure '--prefix=/usr'
>'--with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs' '--with-config-file-path=/etc/httpd'
> '--with-exec-dir=/usr/bin' '--with-system-regex' '--disable-debug'
>'--with-zlib' '--enable-debugger' '--enable-magic-quotes'
> '--with-xml'
> php3.ini file path is set to: /etc/httpd
>I don't need to have the whole Mysql installed on the web server, I only
>need the include files
>and and libraries to get mod_php3 compiled with support to Mysql.
>Does anybody knows where can I find this?
>I went to Mysql site and I only found it for i386.
>Also anybody knows if Mysql is used to compile under YD? if yes why
>wasn't compiled with it?

Hi -

I'm pretty much a newbie to YDL so don't know if this is going to be
much help to you, but I just got PHP4 with MySQL support working on
my PM7300 (along with apache 1.3.19), under YD 1.2. I downloaded the
source from the appropriate sites and built them from scratch. It
wasn't very pretty as this is the first time I've built these
packages, and the mysql installation is on the same machine, not as
you are setting up to run. Inelegant as it may be, I suppose you
could install mysql on the RS6000 and build PHP, then blow away the
mysql installation.

Also, PHP4 apparently has mysql built into it as an option. I
believe that the configure option


uses the included library, whereas you can also specify an external
mysql lib with


as was the case for my machine. If you use the PHP-provided mysql
lib, I think you are then unable to use any other implementations
(say if you're running PHP3 with mysql support concurrently with PHP4
built with the provided mysql lib). Of course, none of this matters
if installing PHP4 is not in the cards.

Hope this helps.

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