XFree86 and 2.4.2 Kernel build.

Subject: XFree86 and 2.4.2 Kernel build.
From: Michael R Hanulec (hanulec@hanulec.com)
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 20:26:33 MST


I'm trying to do two things right now, build XFree86 so that it will work
w/ my G4 Powerbook. From what I have read I feel that it should support
the Rage 128 chipset.. but after performing a simple build (make world,
make install, make install.man) I didn't have the 'r128' module built. I
have seen some mention of diff at


but I would like to know what this diff is giving me.

Now for my kernel question. When I go to make vmlinux I have been getting
a few errors. I perform the following operations first:

<download kernel to /usr/src .. i know the readme says not to do this..
        but I feel this is the correct thing to do.. it was good enough
        back in the 2.0 kernels ;)>
cd /usr/src
rm linux <-- symlink
tar -xvzf <linux kernel>
mv linux linux-2.4.2
ln -s <old kernel> linux
cd linux-2.4.2
make clean
make mrproper <-- i think this is it.. i'm using mac os right now..
make menuconfig
         - select what i feel the appropriate options are
make dep
make vmlinux

If anyone would like to see my current kernel config I can post it. I
would like to know if anyone has done anything "special" to get this
working. I really am opposed to using rpms and binaries that I have not
built.. especially wrt. kernels.


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