Re: Linux Networking Hell

Subject: Re: Linux Networking Hell
From: Barry Sparenborg (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 10:06:18 MST

on 3/12/2001 8:53 AM, cdowns at wrote:

> Barry Sparenborg wrote:
>> Well I have tried just about everything that I know (which isn't saying
>> much) to get my Farallon Fast EtherTX 10-100 card working in linux. Works
>> fine in Mac OS. Latest attempt was to compile the de4x5 into the kernel and
>> then as a module. Also did the same with Tulip. When i try insmod to load
>> the module i get the device busy all the time. I can ifup eth1 and it seems
>> the inteface is up and i can pin it from the machine i am working on but not
>> from any other machine on my network plus i cannot ping any other machine
>> from it. I have tried the card in all of the slots same outcome.
>> Anybody got any words of advise?
>> I am running a stock Powermac 8500av with YDL CS 1.2.1 kernel version 2.2.17
>> Thanks,
>> Barry
> thats becuse you need the latest tulip drivers.... the one supplied (by
> default) does not work correctly anymore with most of the new chipsets. i
> would
> give you the link to my server but ofcourse mediaone is having issues today
> AGAIN ~! man... ...
> anyway. and i cant remeber the primary site to them but im sure you can get
> that.
> good luck
> -D
When I find the current driver, is there a how to or something that will
instruct me on the installation process?



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