Installation problems...won't allow keyboard input

Subject: Installation problems...won't allow keyboard input
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 16:11:58 MST

I am currently experiencing a strange problem while attempting to install YDL on my box...

I am setting this box up as a fileserver for my mixed PC/Mac/Linux network.

Initially, the installation went smoothly, and completed successfully, but I forgot to install samba...for simplicity's sake, I decided to just re-install the whole thing. Everything seems to proceed well, and I select "install all packages". The packages seem to install correctly, but then, when the installer is on the screen wherein I specify my keyboard, I can't input anything (bear in mind, I've been keying in my options prior to this on the same keyboard). Any ideas?

I'm trying to install from the primary CD for Champion 1.2 on the following hardware:

Performa 6400/200
64megs RAM
30g IDE drive

Global Virtual Desktop

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