Re: Can't get my web pages from mac to YDL using FTP or Atalk

Subject: Re: Can't get my web pages from mac to YDL using FTP or Atalk
From: Sam Moore (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 19:30:06 MST

On 3/12/01 at 4:33 AM, (Tom Arnold) wrote:
> Potential fix #2 would be to access ~httpd/html via atalk. Haven't been able
> to get it to work.
If you need a user (or yourself :-) to be able to mount directories other than
their home directory via AppleTalk, do the following:
Find or create a file called ".AppleVolumes" in the user's home directory (note
the dot).
Make sure this file has
on a line by itself (that allows the user to mount the home directory).
then add additional lines for other directories you want to give access to:
/path/to/some/directory "Some Directory"
/path/to/another/directory "Another Directory"

In this case /path/to/some/directory is the full Unix path (if I had any
ambition in life I'd test to see whether relative paths work, but hey...) and
"Some Directory" shows up in the chooser as if it were a volume.
Of course, the user still has to have the appropriate permissions to actually
mount the directory (after all, any user can create their own .AppleVolumes

If there's a .AppleVolumes already there, it'll probably have a bunch of
comments in it that tell more about how to use it, but these are the basics. If
not, look at /etc/atalk/.AppleVolumes.default and
/etc/atalk/.AppleVolumes.system for info and system-wide settings.

Side note: you might want to dump telnet in favor of ssh, especially if you're
going to su a lot.

> Since storing them in my home directory on Linux at least gets them to the
> right machine, I've tried moving the files to ~httpd/html after getting them
> to my home directory. This gives me all kinds of weird access problems --
> permissions are screwed up when I do it this way. There's probably some sort
> Apache configuration change to fix that, too. I guess that would be
> potential fix #3.

See "Apache: The Definitive Guide" pp.36-37. This is probably on line somewhere
too ( though is not
especially helpful).

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