mouse config

Subject: mouse config
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 20:33:31 MST

I recently tried to install cs 1.2 on my pmac 7600 (booting using boot x).
the install seemed to go fine except when I got to the point where it
asked me about mouse config. Although the mouse was attached, and
functions perfectly in Mac OS, the YD installer didn't detect it. I tried
both a standard apple 1 buttn and a macally 2 button mouse (both adb
mice) on separate attempts with no sucess. I did manage to get linux
installed, but whenever any application (or I) access /dev/adbmouse or
/dev/mouse I get a device not found error, even though the file does exist
in /dev. What is even stranger is that the kernel does report the mouse
being attached during boot.

Anyone have any suggestions?

        - Geoff Hayward

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