Re: .forward isn't -- solved!

Subject: Re: .forward isn't -- solved!
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 14:54:08 MST

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, Conrad Hirano wrote:
>Check the permissions on the directories and partition on which the
>.forward file resides. I read somewhere that if your home directory is
>writable by others, the .forward file is ignored to avoid allowing
>someone to steal your e-mail. However, I found that even if my home
>directory had the correct permissions, if the partition had "incorrect"
>permission settings, the system would still ignore the .forward file.

 Ahh yes, That's the ticket. As it turns out, I had change the permission
of the home directory to 775 instead of 755. And because the directory was
now group writeable, sendmail ignored the .forward file. Nice catch,

 Also, a friend of mine (also on this list), whom I consider to be one of
the most talented computer geeks I have ever met, pointed out a more
elegant solution... I put the user into the /etc/aliases file and then had
no need for the .forward file altogether (thanks Rich!).

 Thanks again everyone!




Christopher Murtagh Webmaster / Web Communications Group McGill University Montreal, Quebec Canada

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