Re: Dual Head X on Pismo

Subject: Re: Dual Head X on Pismo
From: Rob Wilson (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 06:59:44 MST

>Also, presuming I get this installed okay, or, even if I don't, does anybody
>know how to set up YDL to work with it's external monitor port so I can have
>a dual headed linux machine? Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Not speaking from a ydl perspective but from a slolaris perspective,
you can specify that the display is machine:0.0 for the main display
and machine:0.1 for the auxiliary display. There were options when
starting X that controlled leftness and rightness as well. I set up
dual head machines a lot and the customers really liked them. Do you
think I had one in the office?

Having said that, some window managers handle multiple heads very
well but when I last tried KDE, I had to set up a separate process to
drive the auxiliary monitor. This was bad because you had to set up
special closedown scripts that were ugly. Maybe KDE has fixed this
now(I did place a request for it into their feature request list). I
don't know if Gnome handles it. fvwm handles it very well.

Hope this helps.


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