Pismo multi boot setup

Subject: Pismo multi boot setup
From: Rob Wilson (rookie@pop.mindspring.com)
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 10:11:55 MST

Hi All,

Ok, to be clear, I am trying to set up a multi boot machine. I want
to be able to have ydl, an HFS boot, HFS+ boot and (to really mess me
up later this month) an OS X boot. The HFS is required for two
reasons. One, to support booting into ydl and two for maintenance in
case HFS+ gets corrupted as a maint platform. HFS+ for communicating
to the world for when I mess linux up, linux to have for possible
development and OS X to have for whatever(maybe it will talk to

Now I have found out that there is a limit on the number of
partitions you can have on a drive. The limit is somewhere between
16(which worked) and 19(which didn't). Maybe CS 2.0 will not have
that limit, but I think it will. It seems strange since when I
originally partitioned the disk using Apple Disk Utility, it started
at 8, so if Apple native has 8 partitions just to start, then a max
of ~2x that is somewhat limited since I would have preferred to have
a / partition, a /usr partition, and a /home partition plus a swap
just for linux. Then a mac native and since to have a dual boot you
need a HFS partition and HFS is not very big disk/small file
friendly, HFS would need to be there also. Any way, I have now 16
partitions, although 15 may be a better number since a small
partition of Apple_Free did not show up on the list the last time I
printed it.

My normal course of action now is to set my Startup Disk to be the
HFS+ partition. If I want to install Linux(the only thing so far), I
select the HFS partition as the Startup disk and Restart. Then, if I
want to perform maintenance on the HFS+ partition, I just let fly. If
I want to go to Linux, I hold the space bar. Everyone still here? So,
after carrying on here, and since I need to tweak something, since
the space bar thing isn't working, what do I need to put into the
yaboot.conf on the HFS partition and at the Open Firmware prompt for
setenv? Of course, later this month, OS X will complicate.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Rob Wilson

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