Re: X configuration

Subject: Re: X configuration
From: Charles Eggers (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 22:55:33 MST

>I am currently running YDL 1.2 on a Performa 6400, with the following specs:
>200mhz 603e Processor
>72megs RAM
>30gig IDE HD
>Stock Video Card (512k RAM
>Apple 1705 Multiple Scan Monitor
>When running Xconfigurator, it appears to detect the video card and
>has an entry for the monitor. I've tried selecting every resolution
>available to me, with the same response.
>After configuration, I type startx at the command prompt, as per
>usual, and it lists out a series of at least 12 different
>resolutions, and aborts, with a message indicating that it couldn't
>find a correct resolution.
>any ideas? Anyone have a similar problem?

I went around and around with what sounds like the same problem, and
the final resolution (no pun intended :) turned out to be settling
for 8-bit depth for color. I made sure to have that depth included
as an option in the "Screen" section of /etc/X11/XF86Config.


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