Fixed Yah! - but... (WAS: Re: Cant open config)

Subject: Fixed Yah! - but... (WAS: Re: Cant open config)
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 15:09:09 MST

At 11:15 -0800 03/19/01, wrote:

>have a slight problem here perhaps someone can help me with.
>PM G4/400.
>Going into open firmware, and telling it to yaboot starts up the boot, but
>it gives an error, this is what it looks like:
>cant open config file
>Cant figure out whats wrong here. Any ideas?

Yay! figured that boo boo out finally, but now, what do i need to do to get
it to be able to connect to the network?

Let me give an overview on the setup:

My PM G4/400 is connected thru the ethernet to a 8 port 3-Com hub.
From here, a crossover cable from the uplink port to a Win 98SE PC.
The PC is running "internet connection sharing" to allow me to connect to
the net thru the PC's DSl connection.
This configuration is working fine and dandy to connect while in Mac OS,
but im sure I will have to configure Linux somehow to see this. Anyone that
can offer a concise solution out there feel free to let me know. (I prolly
should get a Linux book, suggestions on one that works well for YDL?).

BTW, is there a BitchX IRC client that will run on this linux?

In reinstalling and stuff as much as i did, i just let the installer this
time do everything default, as in packages and stuff installed. To be able
to compile sorce now, is there a package not installed on that default I
will need to install? and whats the easy way to get those put on...

Once again, thanks for your help, and non help. I like to figure stuff out
on my own the hard way, but sometimes, i can't, hehe

Great list!

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