Re: OF "can't open hd:.\\bootscript" HELP!

Subject: Re: OF "can't open hd:.\\bootscript" HELP!
From: Conrad Hirano (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 01:35:56 MST

on 3/19/01 9:33 PM, Robert Thombley at wrote:

> Help... I just installed CS 1.2.1 today on my cube (os 9.0.4) and I'm having a
> hell of a time getting yaboot to work. I've copied bootscript, yaboot.conf,
> yaboot, vmlinux, and ramdisk.image.gz to my HFS partitioned mac os drive. My
> yaboot.conf file says:
> "image=hd:9,\\\\vmlinux
> novideo
> label=linux
> root=/dev/hda11"
> and i type "setenv boot-device hd:,\\bootscript"
> in OF, but i always get a "can't OPEN hd:\\bootscript" error.
> What's going on?
> the only possibility i can think of is that my Mac OS partition set up is
> preventing the OF from finding the bootscript file. I have the following set
> up: a 30 gig drive with a 20 gig hfs+ partitioned drive (my main Macos
> partition) this is the "main" drive. I also have a second 3 gig partition
> which has a small install of OS 9, and is hfs standard partitioned. This is
> the drive i am trying to install yaboot on. I think what is going on is that
> OF is looking on the HFS+ drive for bootscript. how do i change this, if this
> is indeed the problem.
> Please help me, i spent 5 hours restarting and typing to no avail. I am quite
> stuck.

It sounds like your HFS partition is partition number 10, so try

   setenv boot-device hd:10,\\bootscript

and in yaboot.conf, change hd:9 to hd:10.

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