Re: Newbie: PM8500 video and ethernet problems.

Subject: Re: Newbie: PM8500 video and ethernet problems.
From: Donn Tarris (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 11:48:16 MST

Using Bootx on my Mac, I have set the video control to use the Mac's own. I'm in
YDL right now and can't remember whether that's the checkbox on or off regarding
video - but that's the one I set. Other than that, I let the installation
program set the video automatically during installation and that worked fine.
For the network setup, I've found that during testing when I completely screw
things up, all I need to do to get my connection back is do "setup", either from
within an X console, or from a command line. Even though I have DHCP now thanks
to Shaw (I didn't really want it) I just recorded what that called up for a
current IP, mask, router, and name server and use that info to fill in the
network setup through the setup program. Once that's done, my connection is
alive again - could be magic, could be basic - as long as it works, that's what
I continue to do as I'm learning.

Hope this helps!

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