Re: Continuing PM8500 DHCP problem

Subject: Re: Continuing PM8500 DHCP problem
From: Paul J. Schinder (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 12:21:43 MST

At 10:21 AM -0600 3/22/01, Wei Chang wrote:
>I posted yesterday about not being able to connect through my cable
>modem using the internal ethernet port on my PM8500. I installed YDL
>using the CS 1.2.1 CD. I do the following:
>ifconfig eth0
>Returns the MAC address, IRQ, etc of the port. I am assuming this tells
>me the kernel "sees" my internal ethernet port. Then I do:
>pump -k
>pump -i eth0
>pump -s
>The status screen shows that eth0 was able to obtain an IP, DNS, domain,
>etc. However, when I attemp to ping an internet address (ie
>, no response. I can ping myself of course. Any ideas
>guys how I can get connected to the outside world?

Try dhcpcd. This is an FAQ on this list. For some reason, pump
doesn't work for a lot of people.

>- wei

Paul Schinder

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