Re: Perhaps a silly question but...

Subject: Re: Perhaps a silly question but...
From: Jonathan Belson (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 06:13:00 MST


> i suggest that everyone try 'sudo' because i have found it very effective
> and useful. it allows you to give 'root' privs to certain users on given
> directories and given commands (which is something you might find useful
> w/ your boss who knows enough to be dangerous..).
> using sudo also gives sys admins a level of phyiscal security.
> (depending upon how you compile) sudo allows you to set a idle time out in
> which you won't have to specify your passwd after executing a command as
> root, the default time out is 5 minutes. i found this feature very useful

Leaving a root shell open for four minutes and a half is dangerous enough.
you get in the habit of su-ing when you need to and exiting the shell as
as you finish IMO you'll be better off.

> if you ever leave your workstation and forget to xlock it. you will know
> that no one will be able to gain root access via your current session.

The downside being that someone who knows your normal login password
can automatically get root access, whereas using 'su' requires two separate



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