Re: Perhaps a silly question but...

Subject: Re: Perhaps a silly question but...
From: Donn (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 09:40:29 MST

Michael R Hanulec wrote:
...> someone knows your passwd, eek!! ;)

Thank you all! Hey, let's see if the zealousness can be shifted slightly
to my current problem...

I've updated to the 2.2.18xxx kernel using the rpm and other files
contained on the YDL site. It looks like all should work, but I get an
error when the system tries to find a mouse. I have run the version of
mouseconfig that was with the 2.2.18 items.
I have a Macally two button adb mouse with the Mac PPC 9500/132 upgraded
to a G3 with a new card. All worked under 2.2.17xxx.
I did have a problem at first with the mouse apparently freezing - I say
apparently because I finally figured out it was a problem with the cord
on the mouse. Now that's replaced and works fine with the Mac, but I get
the problem with setting the mouse using mouseconfig, which brings me to
the following request:

Could someone please tell me in what files, with paths, there is
reference to the mouse and how to set it to see it as a two button with
three button emulation? emailing the lines of code directly would be great.

Thank you!
Donn in Maple Ridge

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