Re: DLT Tape Drives

Subject: Re: DLT Tape Drives
From: Stew Benedict (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 11:11:12 MST

Do the mt commands work on it?

mt -f /dev/mytapedev rewoff

Stew Benedict

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Bryn Hughes wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've got my YDL 1.2 box backing up to a DLT drive every night. The
> backups themselves are working perfectly, but what I'd LIKE to do is
> be able to issue the "Unload" command to the tape drive after the
> backup cycle is complete. Sometimes nobody gets around to changing
> the tapes and the previous night's tape gets overwritten. By
> unloading the tape I (hopefully) could avoid that as there wouldn't
> be any way write TO the tape that was left in the drive.
> Any ideas?
> Bryn

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