Double Net cards?

Subject: Double Net cards?
From: Vanja Bucic (vanjab@UDel.Edu)
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 15:11:12 MST

    I just installed an additional net card into my AllInOne Mac. Everything
worked fine, or so it looked like.

    Problem: all network traffic defaults to eth0 built-in BMAC ethernet
card. I don't want to use this buggy piece of *. That is why I bought
Farallon FastEther 10/100 TX card. How do I bypass the eth0?
    I tried to just unplug the eth0 cable, but that would also render the
eth1 unusable. The packets would come in eth1, but could not go out
(probably trying to go out through eth0).

    How can I make these two cards self sufficient so eth1 doesn't depend on
eth0? I want to be able to telnet into this computer in case one of the
cards dies (as BMAC does every week)?


PS( tulip version 0.92, kernel version 2.2.17)

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