Re: Hopefully, a couple of straightforward questions...

Subject: Re: Hopefully, a couple of straightforward questions...
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 17:41:51 MDT

> Now the real problems start. Although one would think installing the
> extra software from the
> distribution CD Tasty Morsels would be a snap, I could find no
> meaningful reference on how to
> do it. I explored the yup command & rpm and could not see a clean way
> to install the entire lot
> of packages under Software. There is probably a lot of superfluous
> stuff on a full Tasty Morsels
> install, but as long as there are no conflicts created, I would rather
> start with a full set of software
> to see what is available and delete things I don't use as I go along.

Yup can't currently install software on the Tasty Morsels cd.
This will be possible soon when Tasty Morsels files are put on our ftp
site (not just the iso image).. but not from your Tasty Morsels cd
until the next release. I recommend installing the Tasty Morsels software
using the gnorpm program. It is a GUI frontend to rpm and will show
you the program description before you install it.
> like "<application> has undefined
> Ext. type", The pmud daemon is trying to initiate (checks for batteries
> in powerbooks), and some daemon

pmud is for powerbooks only.

> To this point, the question is really just "How do I install Tasty
> Morsels so I don't create a mess"?
> Even though yup sounds pretty user-friendly, I can't get it to go and
> have had to use rpm repeatedly.

Only install what you need or want to try. Again use gnorpm to determine
what to try.. The Tasty Morsels stuff is not as well tested as the rest
of the distribution. (This is something we will improve upon in the
future) As soon as the Tasty Morsels cd is put on our ftp site (not just
the iso) we can release updates.. this will fix some of the issues that
have come up.. specifically I can think of kicq as the big one (it doesn't
> Barring the constant and annoying emails to root, the system was stable,

If you can figure out what software is sending you the emails, you can
remove that package in order to prevent the emails. I suspect it may be
'plan' which is a network based planner type of program.

In regards to XF4, I suggest you try Jack Howarth's XF4 RPMs rather then
rolling your own version. I know of a few PPC developers that have
actively been testing these RPMs show they should work fairly well.
Have a look at:

Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
 Yellow Dog Linux
 "The Ultimate Companion for a Dedicated Server"
 Black Lab Linux
 Advanced Workstations and Parallel Solutions

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