Re: iso image --trouble mounting

Subject: Re: iso image --trouble mounting
From: David Peers (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 14:01:34 MDT

Thanks for the help, I tried that site but its a little over my head right
now. I made the changes to mouse keys as it suggested and I thought that I
had everything just right but apparently not.
I will do more research and try to figure it out later.

Stew Benedict wrote:

> Dave,
> Check the FAQ dept at, I've got a link to a guide there.
> If it works or if you have problems, post a reply and report your results.
> Stew Benedict
> David Peers wrote:
> > I'm stil searching for help emulating a 3 button mouse with my hockey
> > puck (usb one button) mouse. I tried running mouse config and messing
> > with the kernel arguments. No luck. I searched the archives and found
> > others had the same question but there were no replies to it. Somebody
> > throw me a bone here, I am to cheap to buy the 3 button mouse :).
> > Thanks,
> > Dave

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