Re: USB Keyboard Weirdness: cdcd

Subject: Re: USB Keyboard Weirdness: cdcd
From: Jeremy Knope (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 13:32:05 MDT

hey! i know that! heh... i notice a lot during chat on
IRC and AIM, like the word i usually notice is:
nice will end up: nicice i think
yes... if you type it fast enough... that bunch right
there was 3 times in a row.. consistant... weird eh?
PS: i'm using YDL CS 1.2 with kernel 2.2.15pre20 on
BlueG3 400

--- "Waldo L. Jaquith" <> wrote:
> Folks,
> I've had a problem with my system for a bit. Rev. A
> iMac running CS1.2.
> This happened with 1.1 as well, though.) No weird
> modifications on the
> system or anything.
> At the prompt, half the time when I type "cd" it
> gets repeated to be "cdcd".
> At first I thought that I was typing too quickly, as
> I type at about 120wpm,
> and that I was fumbling on the keyboard. But I
> regularly use several
> distributions, switching between them many times
> each day. This only
> happens on YDL. And "cdcd" would be a weird
> mistake. "cdd" I could see,
> but not "cdcd".
> This doesn't happen with anything else. "grep"
> doesn't become "greggrep,"
> and "ls" doesn't become "lsls."
> I boot into X, so perhaps this is just an X problem.
> Anyhow, if any of you
> folks have encountered this, I'd love to hear about
> it. 'Cuz this is weird.
> Best,
> Waldo

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