Re: 500 Mhz Pismo Powerbook

Subject: Re: 500 Mhz Pismo Powerbook
From: Wayne Packard (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 14:43:05 MDT

>Someone enlighten me please. Was running Champ 1.2 on PB 3400c for a
>couple of months and just got new Pismo. Using BootX to try to install,
>will get as far as first actual intsall screen and then freezes. Frankly
>it has a tough time getting that far. I am guessing it is NOT completely
>compatible with advent of the firwire support. I did note this was the
>case with LinuxPPC. I'm a bit dissappointed as it ran (if you'll pardon
the pun) like a champ on the 3400c. Thoughts, feedback.

Check out for one guy's (not
mine) report on getting it running on a Pismo. I had it running
great on my Lombard, but I've just started trying to get it working
on the Pismo. I got the install to complete (except for the mouse)
but I haven't had time to work on it since.

Good luck!

Wayne Packard

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