YDL 1.2 and tar (unrelated though)

Subject: YDL 1.2 and tar (unrelated though)
From: Robert Fout (rfout@damien.edu)
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 19:34:57 MDT

Hi all,

My copy of YDL CS 1.2 arrived at my doorstep today, I was so excited to see
that it was here when I got home from work. Installed it a few hours ago,
it's great so far! It's fast, stable, AND SOUND WORKS on my B&W G3/400.

And now to the tar issue. Knowing I was going to install YDL CS 1.2, I tar'd
my whole /home/rfout folder (while still using YDL CS 1.1), all 600 MB of
it. (no, I didn't put it on another partition) and copied it to my old 8100
running MKL DR3, with the hopes of untarring it back on the G3 after I
installed YDL, and having all my mail and various program settings intact.
Well....with an incorrect tar command, and the press of the return key, I
reduced the size of that tar file from 600 MB to 0 bytes. It's gone, it's
nothing. This was BEFORE I was able to extract any data from it.
Soooo.....now I'm quite amazed with myself as to how I could do such a dumb

Today's lesson: PLEASE, all of you Unix users, take a second look at the
next command (especially if there's no backup copy of the data) and double
check to see what it will actually do. You just might avoid kicking yourself
in the butt.

"The knack to flying is learning how to
throw yourself at the ground and miss."

From "Life the Universe and Everything"
by Douglas Adams

Robert Fout
MacOS Guru and MkLinux/Yellowdog Linux User
ICQ# 48433406

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