MOL questions

Subject: MOL questions
From: John Boyarsky (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 07:50:18 MDT

Hello again,

Well I got my make working, though i still can;'t get any games to work
& install due to weird dependencies, but that's another story..

I'm tryin to get MOL running. It starts, and a black window appears,
and nothing happens after that.

'Here's how I set it up...
--I have the ROM from my G3All-In-One
--It is NOT a New World ROM (I tried stripping it and was told that)
--The closest "offt" file i can find is the 8500 one.. is this correct?
are there more?

ANy ideas? Can you help?

John Boyarsky
waiting for the Yukon to flood... and trying to get MOL running

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