Configuration errors after successful install

Subject: Configuration errors after successful install
From: John Price (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 22:38:21 MDT

We are installing YDL 1.2 server on a Starmax clone machine. We have it
partitioned with the following partitions and we've mounted them exactly as
the instructions indicate:

/ 1.5 G
/usr 80M
/home 450M
/mush 200M
swap 128M

This pretty much fills the HD since there is a also minimum version of Mac
OS9 in an HFS paritition on our 2.5 G IDE HD, and we have 80 M of RAM.

We got through the partitioning and figured out the wierd reboot quirk after
getting the mount error. After rebooting, skipping repartitioning, and
mounting successfully we then selected the default install and got a
successful install, but we are getting nowhere with the long list of
configuration errors we get in the next step after the successful install.
Among the unconfigured items are MOUSE and AUTHENTICATION. The RETRY button
produces the same errors over and over again, it won't let us go BACK, and
the MENU button just gives us the same old list of unconfigured (and
apparently unconfigurable) items. Booting from the hard drive and
attempting to log in as 'root' gives us an invalid login message. What are
we doing wrong and where do we go from here?

John D. Price

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