Re: Configuration errors after successful install

Subject: Re: Configuration errors after successful install
From: Ed Jaeger (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 00:34:11 MDT

Your /usr is too small & probably full, therefore configuration files
can't be written.

Try running


as root & see how much space you have on each filesystem.

John Price wrote:
> We are installing YDL 1.2 server on a Starmax clone machine. We have it
> partitioned with the following partitions and we've mounted them exactly as
> the instructions indicate:
> / 1.5 G
> /usr 80M
> /home 450M
> /mush 200M
> swap 128M
> This pretty much fills the HD since there is a also minimum version of Mac
> OS9 in an HFS paritition on our 2.5 G IDE HD, and we have 80 M of RAM.
> We got through the partitioning and figured out the wierd reboot quirk after
> getting the mount error. After rebooting, skipping repartitioning, and
> mounting successfully we then selected the default install and got a
> successful install, but we are getting nowhere with the long list of
> configuration errors we get in the next step after the successful install.
> Among the unconfigured items are MOUSE and AUTHENTICATION. The RETRY button
> produces the same errors over and over again, it won't let us go BACK, and
> the MENU button just gives us the same old list of unconfigured (and
> apparently unconfigurable) items. Booting from the hard drive and
> attempting to log in as 'root' gives us an invalid login message. What are
> we doing wrong and where do we go from here?
> John D. Price

Ed Jaeger

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