Re: Ethernet Card Config (Followup)

Subject: Re: Ethernet Card Config (Followup)
From: Ed Jaeger (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 06:50:19 MDT

You need to have the kernel sources installed.

type in the following command

locate ne2k-pci

and you should find ne2k-pci.c in /usr/src/linux/drivers/net if
everything is installed correctly. If there is also an ne2k-pci.o file
that is your module. If it's in /lib/modules/(...) then you should be
able to modprobe ne2k-pci. If not then the proper way to compile the
module is to make it htrough the kernel building process. You can do it
by hand, but you have to set a buch of variables correctly. You will
have to have gcc installed regardless.

If you need help making a kernel look in the HOWTOs or I'll walk you
through it. The modules and the kernel itelsf are made throgh the same

John Price wrote:
> > John Price wrote:
> > >
> > > We've successfully installed YDL 1.2 on our Starmax clone and in the PCI
> > > bus hardware listing (cat /proc/pci) it shows an Ethernet card "Realtek
> > > 8029 rev. 0 using IRQ 23, I/O @ 0x1000. Using "ifconfig eth0
> > >" I get an error message saying the eth0 device was not
> > > found. Using "less /var/log/dmesg" there is nothing in the list that
> > > looks anything like an Ethernet card. I've tried adding alias eth0
> > > rtl8029 to my conf.modules file but that does no good. It appears I
> > > need to find the correct Linux driver source code for this chipset and
> > > compile it in YDL. I'm not quite sure where to get it or how to
> > > import it and compile/install it. Any suggestions or pointers from here
> > > would be appreciated.
> OK, I got the driver source code for my SMC 1208 BTA network interface card
> (ne2k-pci.c) and copied it to my /usr area. But when I tried to do the
> compile and install I got error messages saying it couldn't find 'gcc' and
> 'make'. What now?
> John D. Price

Ed Jaeger

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