Re: Impossible with YDL on plain G4? (was: Re: FAQ and Yaboot)?

Subject: Re: Impossible with YDL on plain G4? (was: Re: FAQ and Yaboot)?
From: Jeff Massung (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 14:26:40 MDT

>At 09.50 -0600 00-05-19, Jeff Massung wrote/00-05-19, 09.50 -0600
>skrev Jeff Massung:
>>setenv boot-device hd:8,\yaboot.tbxi
>>(this is to boot straight into linux)
>After typing this, the hard drive spun up, and I received an Ok, but
>it didn't boot. I also tried:

It won't boot after typing this ;) it needs to save, shutdown and reboot -
then it will boot into linux. After typing <snip> type: "shut-down". Then
turn your computer back on. Does it work?

>boot hd:8,\yaboot.tbxi
>but it didn't work (error message: CAN'T OPEN hd:8\yaboot.tbxi)
>Any ideas?

You need to have yaboot.tbxi on your HFS (macos) partition, in the Root
directory of your Macintosh HD. So as soon as you double click "Macintosh
HD", you should see yaboot.tbxi right there (don't put it in the System

If it is there, then boot off the YDL Install CD, and run pdisk (or from the
install program - just after running it don't continue the install) and make
sure that the 8th partition _IS_ your MacOS partition.

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