Install on RS/6000 40P

Subject: Install on RS/6000 40P
From: GUILLEMET David (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 17:30:17 MDT

 I have bought two distribs of LinuxPPC2000: one by LinuxPPC online
order services, the second (a french edition)by Arkan Multimedia in
I have install yourthe disrib without any problem on my G4, but it is
same deal for my RS/6000.

It is a IBM RS/6000 7020 40P.

I have tryed all distribs boot images with the same results:
The system boot on floppy.
Ask me for the way to find ramdisk.
Uncompress kernel ( very quikly i think..).
It display booting kernel.
And nothing else appends!

So, i really not understand what can goes wrong.
Is there a magic potion for 40P??

It would be nice to give me some help.
Thank you.


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