Re: More G4/yaboot

Subject: Re: More G4/yaboot
From: Michael Wilkinson (
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 18:42:46 MDT

>I have come so far that I have managaed to start yaboot from OF (at
>least I guess so, the screen goes black and the text is green). The
>procedure I used was as follows:
>1. Open OF
>2. I type ' setenv boot-device hd:x,\yaboot.tbxi
>3. OF returns 'ok'
>4. I type 'boot'
>5. The black/green screen appears
>4. I type 'boot hd:x, yaboot.tbxi'
>4. I type 'boot hd:x, \yaboot.tbxi'
>(an extra slash)
>The message on this new screen is something about 'welcome to yaboot
>0.5, config file read 107 bytes' so I guess that's ok. But here a
>prompt 'boot> ' appears. What should I type there?

linux (that's what the label thing is for in your config file 'label=linux')

if you don't type anything and wait (assuming you have linux set as
default in your config file; 'default=linux') YDL will load

you're almost home,

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