no /etc/fstab

Subject: no /etc/fstab
From: Kelly Nicklin (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 13:11:17 MDT

I've been trying to install on a PowerBook Pismo. I'm on my 7th or 8th
attempt using info from the linux faq-o-matic and from this list. I'm
using vmlinux-2.2.15pre14-ben1. The install seems to go fine, but when I
try to boot into Linux, it fails due to no /etc/fstab. I can't do anything
about it because the system is locked.

There is plenty of drive space. I have a 3 gig partition and am doing just
the default packages. I'm also re-booting after writing the new partition
table in pdisk/fdisk.

I installed with no problems on a 7500. Any help would sure be

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