PS1 issue

Subject: PS1 issue
From: Josh Smith (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 18:10:40 MDT

RG> Ok, I've read and re-read the previous threads on this topic and maybe
RG> someone else is or has experienced the same problem. I have the prompt I
RG> want to use in both the .bash_profile and also in /etc/profile, yet I
RG> still have to re-source .bash_profile every time I open up a new
RG> terminal window.

I think bash only reads /etc/profile and ~/.bash_profile for "login" shells,
which an xterm window may not be.

I personally remove /etc/profile, /etc/bashrc, /etc/csh.cshrc, and
/etc/csh.login, and just use the files in my home directory. I then put the
stuff I want into ~/.bashrc, and make ~/.bash_login a symlink pointing to
that (i.e. 'ln -s .bashrc ~/.bash_login). That seems to work for both login
and "non-login" shells.

                                      -Josh (

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