Re: YellowDog can't emulate three buttons?

Subject: Re: YellowDog can't emulate three buttons?
From: Jeff Walker (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 14:03:07 MDT

Speaking of mice problems:

I am currently running YDL 1.2 on a PMAC 9500/150 with the keyboard and
mouse running through a KVM box. It is the Belkin one that has a MAC

The problem is when I run YDL and start X, the mouse acts as though the
buttons are pressed all the time.

The X86config file has /dev/adbmouse as its bus mouse and the 3 button
emulation is disabled (#commented out).

The actual mouse that is hooked to the KVM is a PS/2 type that came with my
Intel box.

Oh yeah, when I boot OS9 and run in the pure MAC mode, it works fine.

My temp work around is to hook up and extra MAC keyboard and mouse, but when
I switch between the PC and the other machines,my desk gets a bit cluttered
with keyboards and mice......

Any suggestions??

..... Jeff .........

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