iBook + X ... thanks ...

Subject: iBook + X ... thanks ...
From: CaRLoS mOGUeL (carlos_moguel@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 11:39:50 MDT

thanks for the info ... IŽll try with the linux-novideo option ( as a matter of fact IŽll try all of them ... ).

I used yaboot and the dual boot script ... any difference between "halt" and "shutdown -h now" commands ? ...

blessings ... Carlos.


Greetings, Carlos
You need to boot YDL (YellowDogLinux) as Linux-novideo@ startup.
This may be done by hitting the TAB-KEY for options. Also did you set it up with YABOOT?
PS Remember shutdown -r now to exit YDL Safely.

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