Kayboard and language settings

Subject: Kayboard and language settings
From: Isak Lyberth (ily@serv01.vejlehs.dk)
Date: Sun May 06 2001 - 13:08:36 MDT

First: how do i change my language settings? i want to be able to write in
danish and Lithuanian. I dont know if the latter is supported in x but i
would like to be able to use it. but what do i need to alter ?
Second: where do i buy a non Apple Keyboard that i can use in my iMac? I
just don't like this thing. I miss the 'end' 'home' 'del' and other keys of
my pc keyboard. can i connect a Logitech USB kayboard to an iMac with linux?
the size of the std. iMac keyboard also annoys me.

Regards Isak

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