Squid .24 - memory problems

Subject: Squid .24 - memory problems
From: Iain Stevenson (iain@IainStevenson.com)
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 08:38:22 MDT

I installed squid 2.4 the other week. It built straightforwardly but seems
to have a memory problem. After a while it chomps its way up to 120 Mbytes
of RAM usage. This never happened with squid 2.3 and I've tried all the
memory limitation options mentioned in the squid FAQ to no avail.

Has anyone else seen this and know of a fix? I've reverted to squid 2.3 for
now .... I was hoping that squid 2.4 would handle cookies more intelligently
- maybe this was, itself, an incorrect assumption.


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