XF86 Configuration

Subject: XF86 Configuration
From: Irena & Richard Jenkins (rjenkins@pop.alphalink.com.au)
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 01:26:25 MDT

Hi there from Canberra, Australia.

I have installed YellowDog onto this 6160 ... which has 80 Meg of memory.
It starts and runs reliably ... and I am learning about PPC Linux! The
general details are that there is a 1.9 Gig partition on my HDD and the
screen is one of those standard 13 inch Apple displays.

When I try to start X ... using the command 'startx' I keep getting an
error message ... and X refuses to start. During installation I selected
the Apple 1-button mouse, the Apple basic colour monitor ... and 8-bit
resolution ... or 256 colours. Something is not right! I can copy off my
'XF86Config' file ... for experts to review.

Has anyone got this combination to work?


Irena and Richard Jenkins

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