Re: bootx and newly recompiled kernel?

Subject: Re: bootx and newly recompiled kernel?
From: Frank Shelley (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 18:37:04 MDT

i don't have a /boot partition, so i can't just have it point to /dev/XdaX
(the /boot partition). when you recompile the kernel, where does it go?
the way i have BootX working, is that i have a "Linux Kernels" folder inside
of my MacOS system folder, so that when i recompile a kernel (which i still
havn't been able to do correctly, but i digress...), i have to mount my HFS
partition that holds MacOS, and do a cp to copy the linux kernel to my
"Linux Kernels" folder, inside of my System folder. i'm not sure if i'm
cp-ing the right thing though... would you happen to know? thanks.


if i were to reformat, and make a /boot, does that make it easier to test
out a newly compiled kernel? thanks again.
on 5/9/01 4:52 PM, Barry Sparenborg at wrote:

> Why do you have to place a copy in of vmlinux in the system directory of the
> Mac when using Bootx. I have my Bootx directed to /dev/sda7 which is my
> boot directory for linux. Do I still need to copy vmlinux to the mac system
> directory?
> Barry
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> On Wednesday, May 9, 2001, at 03:14 , Frank wrote:
> hey, i just installed YDL 1.2.1 on my Wallstreet Powerbook
> G3 233, 256mb
> ram.. it runs badass, and i'm trying to recompile the
> kernel... i think i'm
> compiling it right, but no one is able to tell me what to do
> after i compile
> it.
> The website <> has a pretty good
> explanation of how to build your own kernel for YellowDog or LinuxPPC.

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