Re: YDL 2.0 & kernel 2.4

Subject: Re: YDL 2.0 & kernel 2.4
From: Iain Stevenson (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 14:27:11 MDT

on 9/5/01 5:07 pm, Hollis R Blanchard at wrote:
> It's mostly stable for some. Hardware the hackers use is of course much better
> supported than anything else - for example, it was discovered recently that
> Old World support had been completely broken for a while and no one had
> noticed.

Grr ... I've been building kernels (more than I'd have liked, but it was
easier than going back ..) on my 9600 ever since 2.4.1! The ability to
compile has varied between bitkeeper and other sources over time. Some
failed to compile, others needed minor tweaks, still others compiled and
didn't boot.

The stability of the kernels has also varied. I had one lock up and another
caused minor filesystem corruption. So, there is real risk involved on the
bleeding edge but us "Old worlders" aren't sleeping on 2.4!


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